CFO Legal: Premier Litigation Firm

CFO Legal: Premier Litigation Firm

CFO Legal is a premier litigation firm in the New York Metropolitan area. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional legal representation that delivers optimal value to our clients.

Coordinating Counsel

In our role as coordinating counsel, we have been involved with some of the largest environmental cases in New York, including the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. Our role is to ensure consistent strategies and methods are employed spanning the duration of each case.

CFO Legal Coordinating Counsel
CFO Legal Attorneys

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys are in court every day defending claims from inception through the appellate process. We are proud of maintaining long-standing relationships with clients based on a reputation of excellence, and our policy to always be available.

CFO Legal Decisions of Interest

Decisions of Interest

In defending public sector entities, CFO has been involved in hundreds of cases involving public education, including complex and diverse civil rights cases, athletic participation cases, and child abuse and molestation cases.

CFO Legal Careers


Our culture promotes and supports individual growth through collaboration with other senior legal and insurance professionals. If you’re interested in joining the CFO Legal Team, simply fill out our online application form.