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Coordinating Counsel

For more than two decades, CFO Legal has served as coordinating counsel for Wright Risk Management, now Brown & Brown. Currently, CFO also serves as coordinating counsel for Gramercy Risk Management. The firm oversees its panel counsel law firms throughout New York State, as they litigate claims against Gramercy’s insureds.

Our Role

CFO’s role is to ensure consistent strategies and methods are employed spanning the duration of each case, from its inception to trial and appeal, if necessary. To achieve this result, CFO maintains regular contact and open dialogue with panel counsel and Gramercy’s claims adjusters and managers.

CFO Legal Coordinating Counsel
Coordinating Counsel Experience | CFO Legal

Experience & Expertise

In our role as coordinating counsel, we have been involved with some of the largest environmental cases in New York, including the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. CFO has defended local governments, and participated in their risk management protocols and other forms of risk mitigation.

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