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General Practice Law

CFO has a thriving general practice with attorneys who have expertise in the following areas of law:


Our firm is particularly adept at addressing all of the issues that may arise in all types of construction projects; from small dwellings, to industrial developments.

We have represented entities ranging from private property owners to large municipalities in matters involving personal injury and property damage (including Labor Law cases).

CFO also represents clients in non-injury related matters, such as construction liens, environmental hazards, bonds, and breach of contract.

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Sports Law | General Practice | CFO Legal

Sports Law

We represent athletes, schools, and municipalities with regards to the various legal issues that arise. This can include: contracts, insurance defense or recovery, litigation, regulation, and civil rights.

Real Estate

Our attorneys offer a wide range of services related to real estate, including commercial and residential closings.

CFO is also well-equipped to address the financial and insurance-related implications of commercial and residential leases.

Real Estate Law | General Practice | CFO Legal
Commercial Litigation | General Practice | CFO Legal

Commercial Litigation

When confronted with commercial disputes, such as breach of contract, tortious interference, etc., our clients receive results-focused legal support to accomplish their goals.


CFO Legal has extensive experience with preparing, enforcing and, if necessary, litigating the contracts that our clients require.

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Trusts and Estates | General Practice | CFO Legal

Trusts and Estates

Our attorneys provide counsel in in estate planning, including the creation of wills, trusts, and other related instruments.

Mechanics’ Lien

Our attorneys have decades of experience in the requisite filings and enforcement mechanisms needed to protect the rights of our clients.

Mechanics Lien | General Practice | CFO Legal

Coordinating Counsel Services

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