Trombetta v. G.P. Landscaping

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Brief Description of Case:

Plaintiff, an employee of McDonald’s, brought suit, recovery for personal injuries allegedly sustained when she slipped and fell on ice on the sidewalk outside of McDonald’s restaurant.

Court or Jury’s Decision and Reasoning:

The Supreme Court Suffolk County granted our client, the snow remediation contractor, G.P. Landscaping, summary judgment.

By way of decision dated April 4th, 2018, the Appellate Division- 2nd Department affirmed, holding that our client could not have “launched a force or instrument of harm” by purportedly failing to apply sand/salt, and that the affidavit of plaintiff’s expert was speculative and therefore insufficient to withstand summary judgment.

The Best Possible Defense


Michael Reagan

Charles M. Schnepp, Jr.

Party We Represent:

G.P. Landscaping


Supreme Court, Suffolk County


April 2018